First and foremost welcome and congratulations! We wish you well as you begin your journey into married life.

Here are reasons to choose All Saints’ Church for your special day:

  • A wedding at All Saints’ Church will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage.
  • All Saints’ Church is set in a wonderful location of outstanding natural beauty with panoramic views over the Wharfe valley. The interior of All Saints’ Church really is unique. The space is wonderfully light and airy, and offers those who use it an opportunity to customise chair layouts ranging from traditional to a more contemporary setting.
  • You can make amazing vows in a church.
  • The priest has a very particular role to play in your wedding, and will help make your wedding personal, memorable & meaningful.
  • All Saints’ Church offers centuries of history.

The Church of England has a useful website all about weddings in church.  You can plan your day, listen to hymns and music you may want to choose, look at readings you may like, and there’s an online wedding planner to get you started. Click the following link:

You are eligible to marry at All Saints’ Church if you can show that either of you have just one of the following connections with Kirkby Overblow parish:

That one of you:

  1. has at any time lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months or
  2. was baptised in the parish concerned or
  3. was prepared for confirmation in the parish or
  4. has at any time regularly gone to normal church services in the parish church for a period of at least 6 months or

That one of your parents, at any time after you were born:

  1. has lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months or
  2. has regularly gone to normal church services in the parish church for a period of at least 6 months or
  3. that one of your parents or grandparents was married in the parish.

Even if you cannot demonstrate any of the above connections, we want to help you explore whether it may still be possible for you to marry in All Saints Church. Talk to our rector, Stuart Lewis, well in advance to discuss the options open to you.  You are welcome to marry at All Saints’ Church whether or not you are christened and whether or not you go to church.

Once you’ve made your decision to marry at All Saints Church, from your first contact with us, we’re with you every step of the way.  The unique space offers you the opportunity to create a very personalised setting for your wedding. You will have the opportunity to discuss the layout you require to ensure the serenity and peace of the building makes your marriage very special to you.

1. Contact the Rector

Our rector will make you feel welcome and help you make decisions about your ceremony.

rector[email protected] or tel:  01423 733341.

2. Space to think

Before your wedding, our rector may invite you to an event to help prepare you for married life together. It’s a no-obligation invitation, but it provides time to think about the vows and the difference they will make.

3. Banns

Banns are announcements in All Saints’ Church, and a chance for anyone to put forward a reason why the marriage may not lawfully take place.

4. Rehearsal

Nearer your wedding day, you will usually have the chance to reherse the ceremony with those who are involved.

5. The Big Day

At All Saints’ Church, we will do all we can to make the day a personal, meaningful and spiritual experience for you and your guests.