Drip Drop Theatre - The Pecking Order - A new musical by E C R Roberts, 7.30pm on Wednesday November 21st. Tickets from Harrogate Box Office 01423 502116

Wednesday, November 21st at 7.30pm.
17 year old Amy and her parents have moved from the city to rural North Yorkshire. Initially opposed to the move, Amy begins to enjoy the views and the outdoor life, helped by her blossoming friendship with young farmer Ben. The snag is, Brenda, Ben’s mother, is not pleased with this friendship, seeing Amy as an incomer and someone who may turn Ben’s head away from the farm he has promised to take over from his parents. The female branch of the Young Farmers is not too taken with Amy either, and Amy’s friends aren’t too taken with them. In the farming world, the animals have their own system of unspoken hierarchy, but how will the humans sort it out? More importantly, how can Amy work her way up THE PECKING ORDER?
Featuring 15 original songs accompanied by a live band.
Ticket information
Tickets are on sale from Harrogate Box Office tel 01423 502116 or click here for online sales