Family Service, Celtic Worship and Parish Eucharist

Duty Rota to January 27th, 2019 – All Services except the BCP service








28th October
Parish Eucharist
C Simmonds J Bennett C Henderson
R Henderson
L Roughley S Rawson
S Bennett
E Ripley
S Proctor
4th November
Celtic Worship
J Gittins J Peters L Roughley S Bennett
S Rawson
4th November
All Souls’
J Bennett J Bennett C Simmonds
11th November
Service of Remembrance
C Henderson D Yeadon + 3 J Bennett
R Henderson
A Wright
M Walker
18th November
25th November
Parish Eucharist
M Walker B Currin J Matthewman
N Richards-Smith
A Richards-Smith C Currin
V Eyre
E Ripley
R Kent
2nd December
Celtic Worship
J Gittins A Cross R Gisbourne P Cross
J Cross
9th December
Breakfast Church and
Christmas Tree Service
S Whiteley A Wright M Townsend
G Townsend
L Gisbourne
R Gisbourne
16th December
23rd December
Parish Eucharist
C Simmonds R Henderson S Bennett
J Bennett
C Simmonds M Walker
C Henderson
E Ripley
S Proctor
24th December
Crib Service
L Gisbourne E Ripley R Kent
R Beeson
24th December
Midnight Mass
C Henderson J Goss L Gisbourne
R Gisbourne
L Roughley
6th January
Celtic Worship
J Gittings S Noble J Bennett L McNicoll
N Dyer
13th January
Breakfast Church with
Christingle Service
S Whiteley R Gisbourne L Gisbourne E Harrison
K Brocklesby
20th January
27th January
Parish Eucharist
M Walker M Clarke J Matthewman
V Eyre
A Richards-Smith C Henderson
A Cross
E Ripley
R Kent

If you are unable to do any of these duties, please try to swap with someone else.

Book of Common Prayer Service (8.30 a.m.)

Duty Rota to January 27th, 2019

4th November Margaret Harcourt Mary Ann Essex Mary Clarke
11th November Bridget Bennett Mary Clague Jim Bennett
18th November Margaret Harcourt Mary Webster Tina Firth
25th November      
2nd December Bridget Bennett Sarah Noble Rosemary Proctor
9th December Margaret Harcourt Mary Ann Essex Mary Clarke
16th December Bridget Bennett Mary Clague Bruce Noble
23rd December      
30th December      
6th January Margaret Harcourt Mary Webster Mary Clarke
13th January Bridget Bennett Sarah Noble Tina Firth
20th January Margaret Harcourt Mary Ann Essex Rosemary Proctor
27th January      

General Cleaning Rota – 2018

July 2018
C 14 – 20 Kelly Stewart & Alison Stubbs
D 21 – 27 Angela Yeadon & Tina Firth
A 28 – 3 Carol Ogden-Pickering & Eric Ogden-Pickering
August 2018
B 4 – 10 Rosemary Proctor & Mary Clague
C 11 – 17 Margaret Harcourt & Sarah Noble
D 18 – 24 Penny Brook & Dawna Goss
A 25 – 31 Vicky Eyre & Zoe Laver
September 2018
B 1 – 7 Kelly Stewart & Alison Stubbs
C 8 – 14 Angela Yeadon & Tina Firth
D 15 – 21 Carol Ogden-Pickering & Eric Ogden-Pickering
A 22 – 28 Rosemary Proctor & Mary Clague
October 2018
B 29 – 5 Margaret Harcourt & Sarah Noble
C 6 – 12 Penny Brook & Dawna Goss
D 13 – 19 Vicky Eyre & Zoe Laver
A 20 – 26 Kelly Stewart & Alison Stubbs
B 27 – 2 Angela Yeadon & Tina Firth
November 2018
C 3 – 9 Carol Ogden-Pickering & Eric Ogden Pickering
D 10 – 16 Rosemary Proctor & Mary Clague
A 17 – 23 Margaret Harcourt & Sarah Noble
B 24 – 30 Penny Brook & Dawna Goss
December 2018
C 1 – 7 Vicky Eyre & Zoe Laver
D 8 – 14 Kelly Stewart & Alison Stubbs
A 15 – 21 Angela Yeadon & Tina Firth
B 22 – 28 Carol Ogden-Pickering & Eric Ogden Pickering

If you run out of any cleaning products please could you contact

Sarah Noble on 01423 879355

Brass Cleaning Rota – 2018

JANUARY Bridget Bennett
Cathy Ware
JULY Tina Firth
Angela Yeadon
FEBRUARY Rosemary Proctor
Sarah Coughlin
AUGUST Dianne Tilman
MARCH Jean Matthewman SEPTEMBER Bridget Bennett
Cathy Ware
APRIL Sarah Noble
Mary Ann Essex
OCTOBER Denise Allanson
Margaret Harcourt
MAY Mary Anne Essex
Jane Jones
Pat Perry
JUNE Ruth Denwood
Vicky Eyre
DECEMBER Lynne Roughly
Sharon Bennett

Materials for brass cleaning are kept in the storage area behind the organ. There is also a list of items to be cleaned. Other brass has been treated and does not need to be cleaned. All brass is either kept in or beside the cupboards on the right of the vestry. Keys for the vestry can be obtained from:

Sarah Noble 01423 879355
Bridget Bennett 01423 872501
Margaret Harcourt 01132 886305
Lynne Roughley 01423 879762
Caroline Henderson 01423 870969

Thank You all so very much for your time and effort. It is greatly appreciated.